I came to pipe-making through a need to satisfy my own curiosity.


I am from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, where I have been working as an auto mechanic for over 25 years. Having spent most of my life dealing, hands-on, with mechanical design, it was love at first sight when I first came across a true artisan pipe. I was enthralled by everything involved in creating a pipe, all the details required in achieving the union of engineering precision and artistic expression. From that point on I immersed myself with learning, step by step, every aspect of pipe-making. While I am mostly self-taught, I have always kept an open eye and open mind to learn better techniques and take in creative inspirations.


I love incorporating different materials into my pipes, especially bamboo. Taiwan produces some of the best bamboos in the world, and I am proud to offer them as part of my work.

I always strive for the perfect balance between beauty and precision and I hope it comes across when you hold and smoke one of my pipes.



Thank you for your interest in my work, I look forward to sending you a pipe!

From SmokingPipes.com

"Jerry Zenn is a talented pipe maker out of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Like many other modern artisans, Jerry came into the craft by way of another hands-on profession — namely 25 years as an auto mechanic. After smoking a pipe for some time, he began to admire the smooth, elegant shapes designed by the Danish masters and decided to apply his knowledge of machinery and mechanics to a smaller scale. In short, he began making his own pipes.


That previous experience has served him well over the years, cultivating a keen and scrutinizing eye for detail — which you can see readily in his precise drilling and expert mouthpieces and tenons. Heavily influenced by both the Danish and Japanese shaping schools, Jerry's pipes feature a playful sense of organic dynamism overall, often incorporating natural mediums like Taiwanese bamboo, horn, and exotic hardwoods to both accent and complement his myriad designs. Aside from those more obvious influences, Jerry also produces a number of more modernist pieces, including novel Freehands as well as more streamlined, structured takes on the classics. And his finishes are just stunning; from the fiery look of his smoldering contrast sandblasts to the unique shade and pattern of the bamboo he uses, he's created a firm foundation for his signature aesthetic, and quite a striking one at that."

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